Woman spends Rs 23 lakh for silicone breast surgery

Today, the trend of breast implant surgery is increasing worldwide. Breast implants are medically known as mammoplasty augmentation or breast augmentation. During this surgery, silicone implants placed in the breast. 98% of surgeries are successful. Complications are found in only 1-2% of cases.

A woman at the age of 35 has undergone this surgery. The name of this woman who did the breast implant is Darcy Davis Alsop. and she is from America. She decided to get breast implants at the age of 35. After her second pregnancy, her breast size was much smaller than normal. He took this decision against this background.

According to Insider, Darcy has undergone nearly three surgeries. After 9 years of saline implants, and 3 years of silicone implants, she had her breast implants removed after 13 years. The cost of the 3 surgeries was around 23 lakhs ($30,000).

According to Darcy Davis, she has had three breast surgeries. First, he implanted with saline. In which he fill salt water. Nine years later they replaced the Celine with the 210 cc Silicone. Silicone implants are also surgically removed after 3-4 years.

After the breast implant, she developed pain in her joints, extreme fatigue and severe headaches. After this in 2020 she tried many things.

Darcy joined several online forums and began researching breast implant related illnesses. In the body, about 15 side effects has been observed due to this surgery. After this the search for a surgeon to remove the silicone from the breast began and after 6 months, she underwent surgery. Although the woman has surgical scars on her chest, she is now on the mend.

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