Why are iPhones so expensive in India?

Why are iPhones so expensive in India - The Content Park

Apple launched it’s latest iPhone 13 series in September 2021. Under this, the cheapest iPhone variant that the company released is the iPhone 13 Mini, whose 128 GB storage variant costs Rs 69,900. Whereas, the most expensive variant iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at Rs 1,29,900. Same Goes up to Rs 1,79,900 for a 1 TB storage model.

Reasons why iPhones are expensive in India

The biggest reason why iPhones are expensive in India is the tax and duty charges. The iPhone 13 series imported into India and will attract 22.5% customs duty. Due to this, customers will have to pay custom tax of Rs 10,880 only on Apple iPhone 13 Mini.

Not only this, but customers also have to pay GST separately. On the iPhone 13, GST will have to pay separately i.e., Rs 10,662. Whereas in the US only state tax has to be paid.

In India, the total tax on the iPhone 13 series is as follow:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max : ₹40,034.
  • iPhone 13 Pro : ₹36,952.
  • Apple iPhone 13 : ₹24,625.

iPhone is available at the lowest price in this country

The starting price of 128 GB storage variant of iPhone 13 in India is Rs 79,900. Same in the US is $ 799 i.e., around Rs 58,725.38. In such a situation, iPhone is the cheapest in America. While Canada’s name is at number two, where the initial price of iPhone 13 is 1,100 CAD i.e., around Rs 63,898.

At number three is the name of Thailand where the starting price of iPhone 13 is 29,900 (Thai Baht / THB) i.e., around Rs 66,109

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