What is the right time to drink green tea?

What is the right time to drink green tea

It is a habit of many to wake up in the morning and have hot tea. The caffeine in green tea gives the body energy, increases the mind’s ability to concentrate, and stimulates it to do new things. Green tea contains the amino acid called L-theanine. This helps to keep your mind calm. The combined effect of caffeine and L-theanine also improves brain function and reduces the risk of mood swings.

Many people are eager to get green tea after Running, jogging, cycling or exercising at the gym. But avoid doing so. Because research has shown that. If you take green tea before exercising, it increases your body fat burning rate by 17%. Green tea you should take two hours before the start of exercise. If green tea is taken before exercise, then green tea also has the power to compensate for the loss of body muscles after a very heavy workout.

Many people have a habit of having green tea after a meal. But this habit is very wrong. Green tea contains caffeine. If you take green tea after a meal, it increases the body’s ability to bind whatever nutrients it has taken from the meal. Therefore, these nutrients do not mix with the blood and do not benefit the body.

Even if you take green tea before going to bed, it can cause insomnia in many people.

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