Want to break a child’s mobile addiction ?

Want to break a child's mobile addiction - The Content Park

Nowadays kids have gone on a huge diet of mobiles. However, it is the same habit of children that is affecting them. This is because overuse of mobiles, TVs, laptops has adverse effects on children’s brain, eyes and overall health. Despite knowing the dangers of technology, most parents cannot get their children out of this addiction.

Nowadays, children play at home as there is not enough space outside for them to play. But children should be given space to play in the open air and aisle. For this, take the children to play in the garden. Let them enjoy the actual game more than the mobile.

Children imitate their parents. To avoid this, parents should avoid overuse of mobile phones. Only then will children avoid imitating it. Instead, parents should spend some time during the day reading this book. Children will imitate him and stay away from mobiles.

Set password to mobile
If children are taking your mobile phone when you are not there, their actions should be curtailed. For this, keep the password on the mobile. So, even if you are not around, children will not carry mobile phones in their hands.

Giving mobiles to children
If you allow children to handle mobiles, you should use mobiles with low radiation levels. You can see the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of your mobile by dialling *# 07#. 1.6 W / kg is the highest SAR.

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