Waiting for 5G ?? 6G race started in these countries

Waiting for 5G 6G race started in these countries - The Content Park

Mobile and internet are of paramount importance in our lives. Millions of people in India use mobile. But now along with this, internet has also become a necessary tool. First 2G then 3G and 4G internet literally captivated the users.

But now Indians are looking for 5G. There is talk that 5G will come soon in the country. But consumers are still waiting for 5G. But the US and China have gone ahead of 5G and are now behind 6G. These countries are literally scrambling to get a patent for 6G internet.

Both the US and China are currently preparing to patent the country by launching the world’s first 6G internet. Despite all these processes taking at least 10 years, the two countries are still in a race to maintain their dominance in the global telecom sector.

After the launch of 5G internet, Due to the US, some Chinese companies had to face many problems. However, the attractive price of 5G offered by Huawei to the customers had blown up a good number of American companies. This showed China in the role of 5G leader.

The chorus for 6G leadership can be more effective than 5G. Also, the United States will not be left behind this time, “said an official of a consultancy company in the United States.


But China is already taking steps in the process of gaining 6G leadership. Telecom equipment maker ZTE has teamed up with Unicom Hong Kong of China to start working effectively on 6G internet. In November, for testing 6G transmission airwaves, China launched a satellite. also, 6G research center in Canada is developed by Huawei.


But the US is not far behind China. The US has launched the ‘Next G Alliance’ to take the lead in 6G. This includes some large companies. Big companies like Apple, AT&T, Qualcomm, Google, Samsung have joined the alliance. But the US has not given a place to any Chinese company. This shows the conflict between both the US and China.

What is special is that many countries in the world are opposing 5G technology while some are in support. Countries like Japan, Australia, Sweden and England have shut down the firm through their 5G.

Notably, last year a large company like NOKIA also launched a 6G wireless project involving several universities.

All in all, while people in India are still eagerly waiting for 5G, the US and China are struggling to get the leadership of 6G technology.

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