The Maldives, which has been closed for four months due to corona infection, is now open to tourists. The Maldivian government has decided to open its borders to countries in the Indian Ocean, allowing tourists to visit the Maldives from July 15.

President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih has recently made an announcement in this regard. The Maldivian government has appealed that suspected or infected patients should not visit the Maldives.

As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism, islands, resorts, marinas, hotels and restaurants will be started from July 15. At the same time, guest houses and hotels on the island are starting from August one. The Maldives has been closed since March 27 to prevent the spread of corona. It has had a direct impact on the tourism business. President Solih has announced the government’s future plans to streamline public life and start business in the country after covid-19.

He said the Maldives border would be open to international tourists from July 15 and the government would allow them to open resorts to welcome them. This will boost the tourism business in the country. He said the hotel business would be started only on certain conditions. At the same time, he has promised to start a school. Dine-in service is expected at restaurants and cafes. The possibility of a guest house starting in August cannot be ruled out.