We know the traditions of wedding ceremonies in India and other things. But there are unique practices in marriage all over the world. There are many customs and traditions at weddings in different countries.


In Borneo, brides are not allowed to go anywhere on their wedding day. They have to stay together all day. It is the same in India but there is a slight discount. Not so in Borneo. There this tradition is strictly followed. Following the tradition that the bride and groom cannot go anywhere, people believe that it strengthens the marriage bond.


At a wedding in Germany, the bride and groom have to wash the pottery. After that they have to be kept clean. The same clean utensils are thrown to the ground by the wedding guests. It is said that there is an evil spirit in pots. To dispose of it, the utensils are first cleaned and then returned to the guests.


In Japan, the bride celebrates her wedding in a very special way. In this the bride wears white dress from head to toe. Everything from her clothes to her makeup is white, also known as the Shinto Ceremony. Even the makeup is white. This is why the Japanese believe that white is the symbol of her first stage.


In Greek, the beard of the husband is used in marriage. Not only this, with the help of hair you can do shaving. The husband’s mother-in-law then feeds him honey and almonds. In France, a pre-wedding reception is sometimes held. After the reception, the couple is given chocolates and champagne. The tradition of giving it is in France. It is believed that this tradition is celebrated before the first night of the marriage to strengthen the couple.