The story of the stormy ‘Scam 1992’

The story of the stormy 'Scam 1992' - The Content Park

The country was shaken by the Babri Masjid, the Ram Temple and the Rath Yatra. A lot of things were happening.  In April 1992, a newspaper broke the deadlock and Harshad Mehta’s ‘History’ began to falter. A speculator who took control of the stock market by deciding ‘I want to make history’ was caught in a legal quandary.

The CBI, the Directorate of Recovery, the police system began to perform their duties. There was a great stir in the political and banking spheres and once again ‘history’ happened. Five thousand crore rupees of fraud was exposed.

A beautiful illustration of all these incidents is The Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story on OTT, Sony Live. This story is about three decades old.  Harshad Mehta starts to take a high leap by getting rid of many speculators sitting in this market.  Turns from the money of the rich to the banks of the Ganges.

Saying ‘Risk hai, to ishq hai’ earns huge money, name and prestige.  The share price of the company keeps skyrocketing once Harshad Says its name. Everyone at that time was curious about these mysterious events.

But with success, enemies also begin to grow. Such an enemy provides information to the journalist, Sucheta Dalal. News of SBI’s Rs 500 crore scam flashes and Harshad Mehta’s world begins to eclipse. The stock market collapses, countless people go bankrupt in an instant. This web series shows you a true description of the end of this storm.

Director Hansal Mehta has written a history called Harshad Mehta based on Sucheta Dalal’s book. The atmosphere of the eighties, the stock market, the wealth of the Mehta family, the cars all take the audience back to that time. The story continues to thrive due to its strong script.


Unlike Harshad Mehta, he has no body and no face; Yet the symbol Gandhi makes us think of Harshad Mehta. This artist of Gujarati theatre has done his best while realizing Harshad. It covers the whole series. Hemant Kher, who plays his brother Ashwin, his friend Bhushan Bhat, Chirag Vora, Shreya Dhanwantari in the role of Sucheta Dalal and CBI officer Rajat Kapoor have multiplied the quality of the series.

This ‘history’, which has been smoldering for the next two decades since the eighties, is a must see for everyone.

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