Some benefits of wearing anklets

Some benefits of wearing anklets - The Content Park

Every little thing matters to the bride, whether it is a necklace or ankle. Besides necklaces, bangles, earrings, anklet is one of the important makeup for Indian brides. From the centuries, the tradition of wearing anklets on the feet is going on. Without which even the bride’s sixteen makeup is incomplete.

Religiously important:

Even though today’s bride wears anklet as a custom or fashion statement, it is good to wear this anklet from religious and health perspective. According to Vastu, when the voice of the bride’s anklet resonates throughout the house, it also brings positivity.

Beneficial for health:

At the same time, the experts believe that wearing anklets, corrects the blood circulation. This helps to protect from problems such as leg pain, period pain, gynecological disorder, infertility and hormones. Apart from this, anklet also prevents the growth of fat in the abdomen and lower limbs in women, which keeps obesity under control.

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