The JioGlass service was announced today at Reliance Industries’ annual general meeting. JioGlass will be a 3D interaction service that will feature a hologram replica of the person communicating. It is said that JioGlass was launched mainly with the goal of digital education in mind.

The service of JioGlass has been brought to the market with a view to make 3D technology accessible to the general public. The current video conferencing facility will allow you to view the digital image of the person communicating in front of the hologram, which will help make the conversation feel more real.

JioGlass Aviators will weigh 75 grams. It features personalized audio. JioGlass will be able to transfer data by connecting it to the mobile via wire. The company says that the ease of this transfer will allow JioGlass to be used for a variety of purposes. Currently, JioGlass supports 25 applications, the company said.