An elephant from Silent Valley comes to Palakkad district. She is disturbed by hunger. While she was looking for food, someone offered her a pineapple filled with crackers. With her mouth and tongue torn, she walks in search of water without harming anyone around her, the building. Keeps running. Keeps runnitng.

She goes to the middle of the river Velliar and stands still. To help her, forest officials Mohan brings Nilkanthan and Surendran, two elephants. So that they would show her the way out of the water. This is usually the way elephants are rescued from floods. And she probably didn’t trust people anymore. This animal may recognize you many years later on a childhood visit. The whisper of a man who had lovingly kissed her for giving her a pineapple a few hours ago must have been fresh in her ears.

She doesn’t come out of the river. She must have known something. Nor has she recovered from the shock. She is not moving.
She dives into the river and stands still.
Despite many efforts by the forest department, she died in the flowing river at 4 pm. She takes Jalasamadhi.
After the postmortem the doctor says ‘she was not alone’. She is pregnant. Such a large animal can tolerate its hunger, but it may have come out of the Silent Valley for its stomach organism.

What might have come to her mind as she stood in the rushing waters of the Velliar River? Science may not be advanced enough to know this.

It just happened, May 27, 2020. Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan started the incident by saying ‘Sorry sister, sorry’ and told the world about this incident.