Patanjali suddenly came to light after claiming that Corona had discovered the drug. Baba Ramdev claimed to have discovered the medicine and many were less afraid of corona disease. The Pantajali Yogapith launched the Corona Kit and the central government objected to it and asked it to stop advertising and inform the government about the drug.

An official authorizing the corona drugs extracted by Patanjali has made a shocking revelation. It has been clarified that only permission for fever, cough and immune boosting medicine has been sought from the Ayurveda department.

Patanjali Ayurvedic has launched an Ayurvedic Corona Kit today. This Patanjali kit can cure a patient infected with coronavirus in seven days. During the experiment on patients, 100% of the patients have been cured by Patanjali Corona Kit.

The Uttarakhand Ayurveda department licensing officer who allowed Patanjali’s Corona drug has revealed this. The corona virus was not mentioned anywhere in the application for drug permission. This drug was not mentioned anywhere as a remedy for corona disease. This drug is only allowed as a remedy for immunity, cough and fever. Patanjali will send a notice to Ayurveda as to how Patanjali got permission to make the Corona drug kit, the licensing officer said.