Parag Parekh Long Term Equity Fund tops its category

Parag Parekh Long Term Equity Fund tops its category - The Content Park

Every investor who invests in Equity Mutual Funds wants stability in returns. Considering the attitude of the stock market, it is very difficult to imagine a risk-free return. In this case, investor interest is always more in a relatively low risk mutual fund. Due to the stability of returns, mutual funds are becoming the most popular platform for investment.

PPFAS mutual funds are popular for offer stable returns. The main feature of this fund is to control the risk of market volatility. These funds include investment options in the portfolio of the Indian stock market and other countries of the world.

About 65.5 % of the scheme’s exposure is large-cap or blue-chip Indian companies and 30 % is invested in US Stock Exchange listed companies.

PPFAS prefers to run alone in the run of mutual fund schemes. In the last three years, the scheme has given a return of 13.1%. In five years, it has returned 10.6%. It is better for investors who want to invest in multi-cap funds with foreign companies.

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