The government can only keep the lockdown for a certain period of time, gradually the lockdown will end, the government will not show such rigidity either. The government has been made aware of corona disease, social distance, hand hygiene, etc. The one who is wise now should understand his daily routine and work for a long time.

The government will not protect us 24 hours 365 days . How long will the government keep the lock? How long will it be banned to go out? The future of us and our family is in only our hands. After opening the lockdown, think and go out to work and do your work according to the rules.

“Do you think that after lockdown, Corona will suddenly leave, will we live as before?” No, never. This virus is now rooted in our country and in the world, we have to learn to live with it.

We have to fight the virus our self by changing our lifestyle, strengthening our immune system. We must adopt an old way of life that has been going on for hundreds of years. We must Eat pure food, eat pure spices to get rid of the grip of antibiotics. Also need to increase the amount of nutritious food in diet, it is better to forget fast food & cold drinks at least for some time.

We have to change even our utensils, take out water from aluminium, steel, Teflon coating, etc., adopt heavy utensils like brass, brass, copper, clay which will kill the virus naturally. This will have to be done for at least the next 2-3 years.

Be wise and practical and accept this and start implementing them. This is our decision of life.