iPhone vs Android – Which phone is the best & fastest?

iPhone vs Android - Which phone is the best & fastest

A video showing the best phone between iPhone and Android is going viral on social media. The number of buyers of Android phones is huge as they are less expensive. Still, the number of iPhone fans is not small. The iPhone is great in terms of safety and quality. This is why a video showing which of the two is the best has gone viral.

The iPhone made by Apple is considered to be the best in terms of technology and also for the camera. However, Android users claim that the iPhone is slow. It also explains the benefits of an Android phone while doing so. It is also claimed that the user has less problems while using it.

A similar video comparing the two phones is being shared on Twitter. In it, a user shows which phone works faster in iPhone and Android. The video, made for TikTok, is going viral on Twitter. It has iPhone and Android together. The user touches the screen of both the phones at the same time and shows which phone the applications are opened for the first time.

Video sharing users have said that Android will always be good. Of course, iPhone users have mentioned the comparative difference between the two phones. Although there is a dispute over which is the best of the two, the video is doing well.

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