India has finally got the much awaited Rafale fighter jet. India has bought 36 raffle tickets. In the first phase, India has received 5 fighter jets. The Congress has welcomed the arrival of this aircraft. He also congratulated the Air Force personnel. He also appealed to the people to ask some questions to the government.

Five Rafale fighter jets will land at Ambala Air Force Base. This is where Rafale will have a permanent base. The planes took off Monday morning from the base of the France Marinac Air Force. The plane landed at Al Dhafra base in the United Arab Emirates for a day. After that it arrived in India today. Rafale’s first fleet consists of three single-seater and two double-seater aircraft.

The journey of Rafale fighter jet to India

Rafale’s first squadron will be at Ambala Air Base while the second squadron will be at Hashimara, West Bengal. India’s Rafale fighter jets will be equipped with meteor and scalp missiles. This will drastically increase the Indian Air Force’s ability to launch accurate and deep attacks in enemy territory and also establish air supremacy. At present, China and Pakistan do not have a single aircraft equal to Rafale.