In fact, evidence of bikini-style women’s clothing dates back to 5600 BC. History has shown that in Roman times some women wore bikinis. In some special athletic events that take place at that time, women are seen wearing such clothes. However, the bikini fashion came to prominence during the Second World War.

It so happened that the sun bath fashion was introduced in America during the Second World War. Of course, the United States is not as advanced as it is now. Even so, in the United States, women were allowed to sunbathe. But the only condition for that was that women used to wear a gown from neck to knee down and then take a sunbath.

In the United States, meanwhile, World War II was raging. World War II began. World War II pushed up inflation. Incidentally, the cloth became very expensive. As the cloth became more expensive, the government issued a fatwa to use less cloth. Meanwhile, sunbathing was the fashion in the society. Women’s sunbath gowns consume more fabric, so the government banned the production of gowns used by women for sunbathing. When the ban was imposed, the government said, “Make the sunbathing gown as minimal as possible.” That’s how the bikini was born.

It was against this backdrop that Rui Laird invented the ‘Two Piece’ swimsuit. The United States had successfully tested a nuclear missile at Bikini Atoll at the time. It was a revolutionary test by the United States. In the same vein, Rui thought his discovery of the new Sunbath ‘Two Piece’ swimsuit was revolutionary, and so he named his invention ‘Bikini’ after the place where the nuclear missile was successfully tested.

After inventing the bikini, it was a big challenge for Rui to reach out to everyone. He asked many to advertise about it. But seeing the size of the bikini, no one dared to advertise it. Micheline was the one who helped Ashat Rui. Micheline was a nude artist of the time, Micheline advertised wearing a bikini and it was also a huge hit.

Bikini, meanwhile, also went wrong in the first place. There have been many allegations that women wearing bikinis look more intoxicated. And that’s why women didn’t dare to wear bikinis. The marketing strategy used to sell bikinis was changed to increase the consumption of bikinis. Bikini was advertised as a symbol of women’s freedom and liberty and then women also adopted bikini on the same note and started using bikini.