Have you used Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’?

Have you used Gmail’s ‘Confidential Mode’ - The Content Park

We currently use Gmail for work. Gmail has become an important part of your life. But while using this email, you may not be aware of the many features it contains. Today we are going to take a look at the Confidential Mode feature that can be useful in everyday use of Gmail.

What is ‘Confidential Mode’?

Confidential mode is an option that allows you to retain access to the emails you send. If you want to send such mail, it is possible through this ‘confidential mode’. Access to the mail you send in ‘Confidential Mode’ is not permanently near the person in front of you.

The sent email can view and read for a limited time. With this feature you can set an expiration time for your email. Not only that, after selecting this option, the email sent by you can not forward, copy, print or even download.

How to use ‘Confidential Mode’?

  1. First, open your Gmail.
  2. Click Compose to send the email.
  3. Click the clock-lock icon in the More option below the compose box to make your email ‘confidential’.
  4. Then select the expiration date for your email or enter a passcode.
  5. In this passcode you will give two options – 1. No SMS passcode, 2. SMS passcode
  6. If you select the No SMS passcode option, the person to whom you are sending the email can read the email without the passcode. If you choose the SMS passcode option, you will need a password to read the email. Which will go to that person through a text message. When setting the passcode, you need to enter the number of the person to whom you are sending the email.
  7.  Finally click SAVE.

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