During the Corona crisis, India has invested over 20 billion in tech in the last few months. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s assembly partner Pegatron Corps is likely to make a major investment in India. The company is considering launching its first assembling project in India. The company currently has several assembling projects in China. But amid ongoing tensions between the US and China, many companies are more cautious about their future due to pressure.

The government had in June launched a special 6.6 billion plan to attract foreign investors. Under this, smartphone manufacturing companies are being attracted to invest in India by providing financial incentives. Pegatron Corps is the second largest assembler of the iPhone. Half of the company’s business comes from Apple. For this, the company has started several projects in China.

Foxconn already makes smartphones for Apple and Xiaomi in India, but the company has suspended production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Foxconn is also considering starting a project:

Apple Corps, the world’s largest maker of the iPhone, is slowly moving its products from China to other countries. Foxconn, a Taiwanese company affiliated with Apple, was reportedly considering expanding its business in India. Foxconn plans to expand its factory at Mr. Perumbudur near Chennai. The company plans to invest 1 billion in India and Foxconn assembles the iPhone for Apple.