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Experience & Lifestyle while living in Canada - The Content Park

Everyone has the tension of the cold when heard about Canada. It is very cold there, but no reason to panic. December / January to March / April is much colder, with temperatures going down up to -35 for just a few days. If you go further north it is -50. But the house has heaters, it is better to use good jackets, gloves when going out. Buses and trains also have heaters. When there is a lot of snow, they clear the roads immediately but still have to be a little careful. Spring and fall are very beautiful. In summer the temperature is +30 etc.

Living in Canada is good but expensive. The majority of the population lives near the US border and in cities like Toronto and Vancouver where rent is high. It is estimated that a one-bedroom apartment will cost between CAD 1,700 and 1,900. It will cost at least CAD 200 including electricity, hot water, internet etc.

Public transit is good for traveling. There is a one-time fare of CAD 3.25 per trip to Toronto. Once the ticket is issued you can use it in any number of buses / trains for up to 2 hours.

Although basic medical care is provided by the government, private insurance is required for dental complaints, eye ailments, major ailments, etc. If the company is paying, fine. Doctors, check-ups, etc. are free for children up to 18 years.

Being in government service does not mean getting up and going to the doctor. No matter how much the tooth hurts, you can go only when you get an appointment. With severe pain, your doctor may refer you to a hospital. But okay, if there is an emergency, they attend immediately.

Another big expense is insurance. Even if the house is rented, Tenant starts taking out insurance. It costs 30 to 50.

Being a lot of Indians, you get all the Indian food. You can get vegetables, pulses, flour etc. There are plenty of take-out restaurants for ready meals, there are plenty of Punjabi and Sri Lankan restaurants where even the cheapest meals are available. Now for a little immigration process and getting a job and so on.

Most importantly, Canada’s immigration process is relatively simple. Due to good education young boys / girls get admission in college. After completing the education, you get a work permit and permanent residency (PR). People with some work experience from other countries come to Canada by filing a PR from abroad. The main question is let’s see what problems these people face in the beginning.

For some inexplicable reason, the Canadian experience here is so important. If you are trying to get a job in a foreign country, you will not receive any calls. Even after coming to Canada, Canadians want the experience. Even after working in the United States for a few years, you still want the Canadian experience.

So people who come here from India leaving a good job are initially annoyed. If the skillset is in demand then the job is available. If you don’t get a job for a few months, it costs $ 2000 to 2500 (Rs. 1 to 1.4 lakhs) per month. Then they start doing survival jobs to cover the expenses. The best option is to come to Canada from an Indian company. Getting a work permit through intra-company transfer saves everyone the trouble.

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