Do not drink water immediately after eating corn kernels. Find out the reasons behind it and when to drink water.

Affects the digestive system

Drinking water immediately after eating corn kernels affects the digestive system. Then you can roast it or boil it. Do not drink water immediately. Maize is high in fiber. Drinking water immediately after eating affects digestion. Water takes time to digest fiber and can cause stomach upset.

Gas problem

Maize is high in carbohydrates and starch. These elements combine with water to form gas. This can cause gas in the stomach by drinking water immediately after eating corn. As a result, problems like acidity and bloating start to occur.

When to drink water?

Don’t drink a lot of water before eating corn kernels and don’t drink it immediately after eating. Drink water 45 minutes after eating corn kernels. Also drink water for half an hour before eating corn kernels. So there will be no harm to health.