Better sleep techniques during Pregnancy

Better sleep techniques during Pregnancy - The Content Park

Pregnant women are often want to know how to sleep during pregnancy, in what position to sleep, and what the methods are.

First 3 months:

During the first three months of pregnancy, it is not difficult to sleep in any position. At this time, the pregnant woman on the back because the baby is too small; It is also possible to sleep on either side (on the couch) or facing the front.

From 3rd to 5th month:

From the end of the third month to the fifth month, pregnant women should not sleep on their stomachs. As the uterus grows during these months, sleeping on the stomach can cause the uterus to contract and this can hinder the growth of the baby. At this time the woman must sleep in an upright position or on both cushions.

From 5th to 8th month:

During this period, women should not sleep on their backs, in an upright position. The size of the baby and uterus starts to increase rapidly from 5th month. In process of supply pure blood from the heart to the whole body, Aorta is the prime artery.  In this case, sleeping in an upright position can cause the aorta to constrict due to the weight of the baby.

In addition, the blood supply to the lower extremities, especially the uterus and legs, can be disrupted. At such times, it is better to sleep on both cushions. But at times, many women do not get enough sleep because they are not used to sleeping in such a position. Keeping pillow under back while sleeping is an easy solution. This causes the body to tilt 15°. So that the weight of the baby does not fall on the aorta and the blood supply remains smooth.

From the 8th month onward:

Pregnant women should be more careful during these two months. Sleeping on the left side (cushion) during this period is more convenient. The main reason for this is that the uterus is slightly tilted to the right without being in the center during this period. If the woman is lying on her right side (cushion) at such a time, the aorta may constrict and this may result in keeping the uterus and baby’s blood flow smooth.

Because of this, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is ‘SOS’ – sleep on side. Consult your doctor while doing all this.

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