Instagram’s New feature, can add captions with story

Instagram introduced a new feature which add captions automatically to your Instagram story after activating. This feature will enhance experience of the user. Currently this feature has been released for selected countries. Instagram's new caption sticker feature is present in the st

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If Corona caused death you can get Rs 2 lakh

The second wave of Coronavirus created a catastrophic crisis across the country. The number of covid-19 cases are going up day by day. Many are dying due to this virus. In this case, life insurance is important for the families of the deceased patients. If a member of family dies beca

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Tasty Way

Immune Booster Spinach Pancakes

Spinach has vitamin, iron, fiber and antioxidant properties. Its intake gives strength to the body and protects it from diseases. It can be eaten as a vegetable, juice, paratha and pan. In this case, you can feed it to children by making pan cake. It will be tasty to eat and will also

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